Tamen Hade was raised in a home enriched with love and creativity by his parents Khalid and
Matina Ismail. Early exposure to the arts, while at Newark School of the Arts summer program,
sparked in him a passion for music. Tamen’s passion for music has lead him to attend and graduate
Montclair State University where he studied countless instruments including drums, percussion, guitar,
piano and voice. Through his music production expertise, Tamen has worked with Buckwild, Foxx a
Mill, Special K, Appolon “Chap” Noel and many more.

In 2013, Tamen started working on his own solo artistry where he produced, wrote and
recorded two albums entitled “D.R.Light The Genius” and “Life Of The Genius”. Tamen has traveled
performing his music in New York, Atlanta, Detroit, D.C. and various cities in the U.S. He has worked
on 23 different projects and albums leaving his signature stamp of genius. Creativity and innovation
truly runs through the blood of Tamen Hade, which has coined the name “Genius”.